August, the summer festival season, "together the country" in 20 August, in Fest of the St. Stephen and the National Bread and in the currents events of Sustainable Food Chain Summits



In this year, the countryside, the milk and dairy products, and their large users were the main characters of the sustainable food chain topics.


The "GALACTICUS" 1st Milk Hygienic, Milk Quality Assurance, Milk Inspection World Congress, which was an integral part of the exhibition and product contests, , Lupeni – Seklerland - Transylvania - Romania-hosted. One of the large users of milk, the chocolate invites the professionals and the consumers to Szerencs, to the Gate of World Heritage site Tokaj!


In this year, the Milk and Milk Products, as well as their large users were the central topics of the conference, a panel discussion in the factories visits, exhibitions tasting and contests products!


Similarly, the presentations of central event of the I. Sustainable Food Chain Summit the Jubilee 10th Meat Hygiene and Inspection Congress can be found in our archive website; the lectures of the Conference in 2011 were also recorded and will be available.


Although follows - the third - Sustainable Food Chain Summit events again, but we have to wait another year, the SHOW CONTINUES!


The Sustainable Food Chain Road Show organized by the Foodlawment as civil association in 10 - university cities - Gyöngyös, Eger, Miskolc, Debrecen, Nyíregyháza, Kecskemét, Szolnok, Hódmezővásárhely, Szeged, Békéscsaba - will be the places! For more information visit the www.foodlawment.com and special event site!